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Wrongful Death

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Cleveland Wrongful Death Attorney, Ryan LLP, Will Protect Your Family’s Rights'

Have you or your loved ones recently suffered from the loss of life due to a wrongful death? Are you in the greater Cleveland are and considering taking legal action to pursue fair financial recovery? Don’t trust your case to just any wrongful death law firm. The Cleveland wrongful death legal team at Ryan LLP focuses on cases that are similar to your own. We can provide guidance on how best to protect and strengthen your case for fair and complete compensation.

We handle many wrongful death cases and lawsuits and provide years of expert experience to help you receive fair compensation for your loss. We have handled thousands of cases successfully for our clients in Cuyahoga County and have recovered millions of dollars for victims’ families and loved ones. Call us toll-free today at 833-RYAN-LLP (833-792-6557) to learn about what we can do for you. You also may use our evaluation form to schedule a free case evaluation with an Ohio wrongful death attorney.

Act Now to Get the Help You Need for Your Wrongful Death Claim!

Our injury lawyers understand that the value of your loss cannot be measured financially. You may face mounting medical bills, funeral costs, time away from work, and a host of other financial and emotional strains. We will work with you to determine a fair and comprehensive claim that takes into account all of your financial and emotional losses.

A fair settlement may include:

  • Medical and hospital bills (including emergency care);
  • Lost income (both past and future income, including your injuries’ impact on your ability to continue working or advance in your chosen field);
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Compensation to address funeral and burial expenses; and
  • Other expenses (grieving or having to pay someone to help you maintain your household).
  • Loss of financial support from the reasonably expected earning capacity of the deceased;
  • Loss of services of the deceased;
  • Loss of the society of the deceased, including loss of companionship, consortium, care, assistance, attention, protection, advice, guidance, counsel, instruction, training, and education, suffered by the surviving spouse, dependent children, parents, or next of kin of the deceased;
  • Loss of prospective inheritance to the deceased’s heirs at law at the time of the deceased’s death; and
  • The mental anguish incurred by the surviving spouse, dependent children, parents, or next of kin of the deceased. Each case is unique. We cannot offer an estimate on the value of your claim without talking to you about the details of your accident and consulting experts to determine the full extent of your losses. Call us now to schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

We Will Fight for Fair Financial Recovery in a Wrongful Death Action!

Your wrongful death case demands a lawyer with the skills and know-how to maximize the value of your claim – either by settlement or trial.

Before you hire a wrongful death attorney in Ohio, ask these questions:

Do you focus on wrongful death incidents like mine?
Do you have a history of significant verdicts and settlements in similar cases?
Does your firm routinely secure verdicts that far surpass the initial settlement offer?
These questions help you gauge a law firm’s track record and case history. You also should feel comfortable asking for client testimonials and other examples of a firm’s rate of success.

Get Help Now from a Cleveland Wrongful Death Attorney – Call Ryan, LLP!

The Cleveland-based wrongful death lawyers at Ryan, LLP help clients in the greater Cuyahoga County area. Learn more about what we can do for you. Call toll-free today at 833-RYAN-LLP, or complete our contact form to schedule your free consultation.



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Want to know more? Check Out Our Medical Malpractice FAQ