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Road accidents in Memorial Day Blog

Memorial Day and Drunk Driving.

Memorial Day Weekend is deemed as the most dangerous long weekend in USA involving road crashes and car collisions among drunk drivers. According to National Safety Council or NSC, actual deaths does not relinquish of 300 deaths yearly and right now, NSC has an estimation of 415 estimated deaths in this year. Happily, there were significant lesser deaths compared last year, to be more specific there were only cases of injuries but no serious casualties than last year and the previous years. 

We believe that aside from high traffic volume and human activity that would occur, drunk drivers from events and gatherings are the main cause of such road accidents since the fatalities of road crashes in the course of Memorial Day were found out to be caused by high levels of alcohol in results of blood-alcohol content among drivers from 2020 and the following previous years. Thus, the NSC encourages Americans to practice defensive driving and encourages to avoid driving while in the influence of alcohol over the long weekend following last year's incident in car fatalities and minimize human and material casualties.

If unfortunate things escalated in your side, the drunk driver or the offender must be responsible for the compensation pays and a law firm must be hired for these litigation process to be done right. Ryan LPP is the right personal injury law firm to call for as they have been dealing cases of road and truck accidents and injuries as they perfectly represent their client's case in to their favor and has high succession rate to acquire their wanted compensation pay all through the years of their service.

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