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Know your Law Firm: Fees Percentages of Services Blog

Know your Law Firm: Fees Percentages of Services

As what advertises in most law firms that concern Personal Injuries and Medical Malpractices, it is literally free. Personal injury lawyers work on a "contingency fee" basis. This means that they don't charge you for their services, but instead take a percentage of the money you win in your case. If you lose your case, then the lawyer doesn't get paid anything. This arrangement is particularly helpful if you are unable to afford legal representation and need help with getting compensation from an employer who has injured or otherwise wronged you. It also poses that their charges and fees are determined after the compensation pay is given by the conflicting side not in a fixed amount but in percentage of the amount given. Another type of identifying service fee apportion is called the "sliding scale", few lawyers sets up an agreement to award them depending on the outcome of client's case, to be specific, it scales as the cases progesses either in a good or bad way in respect to client's favor. 

Contingency Fee

As what advertises in most law firms that concern Personal Injuries and Medical Malpractices, it is literally free. Personal injury lawyers usually work on a "contingency fee" basis. This means that they only get paid if you win your case and are awarded damages. In the event of a settlement, it is customary for personal injury attorneys to receive 33% (one-third) to 40% of the total award amount, so make sure you know what their contingency fee is before hiring them and if you haven't, worry not as most attorneys are open for negotiations depending on how the case went and favorable for you making it easier for both of client and the law firm.

Sliding Scale

Sliding scale type of split up is usually derived in an agreement and not a standard and fixed lawyer fee. It is characterized as lawyers' charge and fees scale depending on a situation. For an instance, when settlement comes before a dire situation such as be positioned in a extensive filing a lawsuit, the lawyer might get lesser percentage (lower than 33% or 33% flat), while, settlement pay came after filing a lawsuit, they will get higher percentage (higher or equal to 40%) as they have their efforts and resources spent extendedly. 

Factors that increases lawyer charge

For clients, the prospect of getting a settlement or court award may be too tempting to pass up. Personal injury lawyers have seen this and will usually cover case costs and expenses as they come up in order to keep their client's focus on winning the lawsuit. It is uncommon for personal injury lawyer's charge a client for these every time that it comes due because he wants his customer focused solely on litigation. What are factors of expeneses and cost of other services offered by a law firm for their client? 

Providing important documents and evidences to add up to integrity to claims and secure the award in the court aren't free as well, they pay for the following:

  • Police Reports Public Record
  • Hiring an Expert Witness and Deposition
  • Fees for filing records (Transcript and etc.)
  • Investigators and Experts
  • Trial Exhibits
  • Health Records
  • Postage

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