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Hit-Skip Death of Teenager Vehicle Accidents

This case highlights the significant costs hit-and-run drivers can cause to other drivers and pedestrians.  All too often, the victim does not know the identity of the individual that harmed them.  Police departments have dedicated personnel to investigate these types of accidents.  But they may not have the resources available to properly investigate the claim, leaving the victim without answers or the ability to seek resolution of their injuries.  In the matter that occurred in Olmsted Falls, it was an observant receptionist that led to the identity of the 80-year old woman alleged to be the driver involved in the accident.

If you or a loved one was involved in an hit-skip/hit and run accident, the law firm of Ryan, LLP can assist your investigation and claim.  We will work with the police department and insurance companies to coordinate an investigation to find the individual at fault.  Our firm offers free consultations regarding your claim.  We are here to solve problems and we encourage any individual needing assistance with a hit and run accident to call or email our office.


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