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The attorneys at Ryan LLP have built their reputation representing individuals and small businesses against large insurance corporations, government agencies, and financial institutions.  The firm handles cases including personal injury, wrongful death, catastrophic injury, medical malpractice, insurance bad faith, and business torts.

Our mission is to give every client our full attention, sound advice and forceful representation at a carefully managed cost.  We believe the results have set our firm apart.

Ryan LLP has undertaken its litigation practice on a very selective basis, pursuing only those claims which, after careful analysis, we conclude have genuine merit and the prospect of a substantial recovery for the direct benefit of our clients.  The dedication, experience, and talent of the firm’s attorneys, as well as the resources and commitment of Ryan LLP to pursue worthwhile claims, ensure that we can and will vigorously and effectively prosecute actions against major corporations and the most prominent defense firms.

We believe in the importance of litigation as a vehicle for legal redress in the right circumstances, and we believe that Ryan LLP is uniquely situated to conduct such litigation in the most effective, efficient and professional manner.  Our objectives remain clear in every case we pursue:  to give every client, without delay, excuse or equivocation, our full attention, sound advice and forceful representation.


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