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Verdicts and Settlements Obtained for Our Clients

The following is a sample of verdicts and settlements we have obtained for our clients.  Each case is unique, and these cases may or may not be indicitive of possible outcomes we can obtain on your behalf.  Please contact our attorneys to discuss the particulars of your case.  



$4.5 Million Jury Verdict - Loss of Limb

Plaintiff was injurred while working at an industrial stamping plant.  Our client was responsible for cleaning debris from the 2-story tall, several ton stamping press.  The management at the plant disabled several safety mechanisms that were in place to prevent the machine from stamping while a worker was cleaning the machine.  Plaintiff was in the machine cleaning debris when the press was engaged.  Our client was severly injurred by the machine, which resulted in the loss of his right arm and left hand.  The defendants refused to offer any reasonable monetary award to compensate our client for his injuries.  Our attorneys took the case to a jury trial, which resulted in an award in excess of $4 million dollars.

$3 million Jury Verdict - Abusive Debt Collection

Our client was an individual that declared bankruptcy and had all of his debts discharged.  A collection firm refused to cease collection of the debt, even though the federal bankruptcy court discharged the debt.  Our client incurred significant economic damages in defending the collection action.  The attorneys at our firm took the debt collectors to a jury trial.  The jury awarded a verdict of $3 million for our client.

$1.6 million - Insurance Bad Faith

Client was the owner of a large commercial building that was insured for fire damage under a cash payment of $300,000.  A portion of the building was burned.  The insurance company claimed it was due to arson.  However, several experts testified that it was not arson.  The insurance company also denied coverage because the client was previously convicted of a felony.  (The client was previously convicted of transporting negotiable instrumebts over State lines).  The insurance company denied coverage on the theory that no jury would believe the client because of his background.  The client brought a lawsuit seeking payment of the policy, and also a bad faith claim against the insurance company.  The case went to trial and the jury returned a verdict in excess of $1 million.

$950,000 Jury Verdict - Medical Malpractice, Permanent Injury during Surgery

Client went into the hospital complaining of shortness of breath and tightness in the chest area.  The emergency room doctors ran tests and concluded the client was in immediate need for open-heart surgery.  Within several hours after entering the emergency room, the client underwent open heart surgery.  The specific procedure is known as a coranary artery bypass graft surgery, also known as "CABG", prounounced "cabbage."  The surgery was performed over the course of several hours with the bypass portion of the surgery being sucessful.  However, immediately after the surgery, the client's family noticed significant bruising, swelling, and discoloration to the right wrist and hand area.  


$1.05 million - Auto Accident

Client was a passenger in a one-car accident.  The driver was drinking beer while operating the automobile.  The car went off the road, leading to a crash.  The client suffered a tear of the trachea in the crash and almost lost his life.  He was life-flighted to the hospital in a coma.  The client recovered from this accident.  His permanent condition was that he had difficulty controlling the muscles of the face and mouth, which resulted in difficulty eating and drinking liquids.  The total insurance available was $1 million from the client's policy.  The offer was only $150,000.  The matter was tried before a jury, resulting in a verdict in excess of $1 million.  Based upon the jury verdict, the insurance company paid the policy limits of $1 million and the driver's policy included the final $50,000.

$1.5 million - Wrongful death and Medical Malpractice

The client was in his mid-forties and married with four children.  He had worked his whole life as a construction laborer, which lead to pain in his upper back.  A decompression operation was performed with the client laying on his chest while the surgeon operated on his back.  He was placed under general anesthesia and a breathing tube was inserted.  After the surgery, while the client was recovering, he demonstrated some difficulty breathing and appeared to be irritated by the breathing tube.  The anesthesiologist went up to the patient and manually removed the breathing tube.  Within two minutes the client suffocated to death.  The case was settled for $1.5 million.

$500,000 Settlement - Loss of Limb

Client was operating a crushing machine that shreded, destroyed,  and sorted large pieces of metal, such as automobiles.  While at work, the client was directed to enter the area where the machine was shredding to perform work.  There was inadequete safety equipment installed on the machine.  The client's work clothes got caught in a piece of metal and his leg was pulled into the shredding machine.  As a result of this accident, the client's leg was torn away from his body at the hip.  The matter was settled for several hundred thousand dollars.  Additional damages was awarded for safety violations and compensation for loss of the limb.

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