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Medical Malpractice Court Cases

More than half of medical malpractice cases go to litigation, according to a 2012 study. But many cases are dismissed, or the sides reach a settlement regarding medical malpractice damages before a trial verdict.  Each case varies based upon the standard of care provided by the doctor or hospital.  However, most cases involve facts where the provider disputes they have committed malpractice, and thus a trial is necessary to determine whether the appropriate standards were met. 


Car Accident Attorney Fees in Cleveland

Car accident attorneys help accident victims obtain compensation or reimbursement from the responsible party for property damage or bodily injury sustained in a crash. This type of attorney concentrates in personal injury law and has specific knowledge of the laws affecting insurance and settlements, and possesses solid negotiation skills.  Many individuals who have suffered injuries or property damage hire accident attorneys to make sure they are fairly compensated.

If you’ve been in an accident in Cleveland and are looking for representation, one of your concerns is likely to be cost. What are a car accident attorney’s fees for services, and can you afford it?


DIY Car Maintenance Tips

It’s true—many of today’s modern cars are built to require less and less maintenance on a routine basis. Computerized systems and other conveniences are designed to make life easier. This convenience comes at a price, however, for some cars can be so complicated that a typical car owner is forced to pay a specialized technician to perform the services. If you drive a standard vehicle, you may be able to perform your own DIY car maintenance. Tips on how to do so follow.

Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual and consider tips from other car owners, which can be helpful when utilizing DIY car maintenance tips. Car manuals explain how to do simple things like check tire pressure. Also Google the issue you’re having to see if others have created quick how-to guides or videos. But always make sure you can trust the source you’re using for DIY car maintenance tips. Using a website that also has a published paper version, like Popular Mechanics, is a great place to start.


Blood Transfusion Errors in Cleveland

Cleveland is home to some trusted hospitals, including the renowned Cleveland Clinic. But medical errors can occur at even the best hospitals. According to the FDA, approximately 414 blood transfusion errors occur in the United States each year. Many of these errors are a result of labeling or bedside care errors.  Blood transfusion errors are potentially deadly errors. One of the most common errors in administering blood transfusions is giving the wrong blood to the wrong patient. Errors such as giving a patient the wrong blood type can cause the body to react in extreme ways.


Why Hire an Attorney after Car Accident in Cleveland

After you’ve been involved in a car accident, whether it occurred on a busy highway in Cleveland like I-90 or a small side street, you likely have many questions and concerns. If you’ve sustained serious injuries, you are possibly dealing with added challenges including lost wages, reduced earning potential, and mounting medical bills.

Knowing when to hire an attorney is a good start. An car accident attorney can be an invaluable ally and can ease the burden of the claims process when you are feeling overwhelmed. A car accident lawyer can also help you pursue fair compensation to which you are entitled, and will negotiate with all involved parties.


Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Cleveland

The loss of a loved one can create mental, emotional and financial strain for surviving family members. In cases where this loss is associated with the wrongful acts of another individual, a wrongful death claim may be necessary to obtain the compensation to which the survivors are entitled.  The process can be complex and may require presentation of the case to more than one court.  Securing the services of an experienced law firm can ensure the process is completed correctly and timely.


Nursing Malpractice - Errors Leading to Claims

Nursing care is a critical part of the treatment and recovery process for patients in an inpatient or outpatient setting. Nurses are responsible for the overall daily care of a patient and more. Every nurse has a medical duty to provide quality health service that meets or exceeds the minimum standards of care as set forth by the medical community.

When a nurse breaches these standards and fails to offer competent, attentive care, the patient can suffer harm, incur additional medical bills or endure other complications that interfere with the overall healing process. As such, the patient may file a nursing malpractice claim to recover damages.


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